Paris, 1853

In 1853, Mr. Rogier and Mothes, sanitary engineers, suppliers of the Military, the Marine and the Public Administrations, publish a sum of their innovations in a book about sanitary equipments.

They establish their Manufacture of sanitary equipments in Paris, 20 Cité Trévise, and expand their activity thanks to the quality of their products and the enthusiasm of their customers.

The Manufacturing plant

Their specific know-how, that was transmitted throughout the years, is based on a philosophy of production that focuses on premium quality and utmost attention to details.

Their true commitment to classical style and French tradition can be found in the inspiration of their home furniture Collections (Classical, Neoclassical and Romantic styles) as well as in their bathroom Collections (Art Deco, Belle Epoque and Victorian styles).

The Heritage

Today, the Rogier & Mothes brand relies on the esthetical and technical heritage of its history, while redefining a new balance between traditional approaches and modern production techniques.

Rogier & Mothes home furniture and bathroom collections both stand out with their sophisticated yet sober, classical yet timeless style.

Rogier & Mothes is more than ever the Signature brand of French traditional home furniture and French traditional bathrooms.

A brand proud of its heritage, and forward-looking to the future.